Joseph Maltz Art Gallery

Joseph Maltz Art Gallery


Portrait of Humanity (continued)

Look into life

Embark on a journey through the artistic lens of Joseph Maltz, whose years of life in the military have left an indelible mark on his work. His pieces offer a rare and poignant glimpse into a world that is often overlooked and underappreciated. Maltz's portraits capture the very essence of his military experience, a reflection of the trials and triumphs that he encountered. Through his art, we are transported to a realm that is both unfamiliar and yet intimately familiar, evoking a sense of empathy and understanding for those who have served. Maltz's work is a testament to the power of art to convey the complexities of human experience, and to shine a light on the hidden corners of our world.


Love is Love

Indulge in the beauty of love and celebration with Joseph Maltz's collection of wedding portraits. His pieces capture the essence of the union between two individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Maltz's art reminds us of the innate ability we possess to connect, care, and share with one another, a gift bestowed upon us by a gracious and benevolent Creator. Humanity flourishes in the richness of love, and Maltz's work is a testament to the inspiration that love brings.


A track on Mother Earth

Joseph Maltz is a talented artist known for his stunning portraits of people from all over the world. In particular, his portraits of people from Africa are particularly striking, capturing the diversity and beauty of humanity on the continent.

Maltz's portraits are not just beautiful images – they also tell stories. Each portrait captures a unique moment in time, a glimpse into the subject's life and experiences. Maltz's portraits of people from Africa are particularly powerful because they challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that many people have about the continent.

In his portraits, Maltz captures the incredible diversity of Africa. From the vibrant markets of Marrakech to the remote villages of Ethiopia, his portraits showcase the many different cultures, traditions, and ways of life that exist on the continent. Whether he is photographing a Maasai warrior in Tanzania or a fisherman in Senegal, Maltz's portraits celebrate the rich tapestry of humanity in Africa.

Maltz's portraits are also notable for their intimacy and sensitivity. He has a remarkable ability to connect with his subjects and capture their personalities and emotions in his images. Whether the subject is smiling or somber, Maltz's portraits are always respectful and empathetic.

One of Maltz's most memorable portraits is of a young boy in Ethiopia. The boy's eyes are wide with wonder and curiosity, and his expression is both innocent and wise beyond his years. The portrait captures the essence of childhood – the endless possibilities, the boundless curiosity, and the unbridled joy of discovery.

Another powerful portrait by Maltz is of an elderly woman in Morocco. Her face is etched with lines and wrinkles, a testament to a lifetime of hard work and experience. Despite her age, she exudes a quiet strength and dignity that is both humbling and inspiring.

Maltz's portraits of people from Africa are not just beautiful images – they are a celebration of humanity in all its diversity and complexity. Through his lens, we see the faces of people who are often overlooked or misunderstood, and we are reminded of the incredible richness and beauty of the peoples life there.


Joseph Maltz
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